Monday, July 6, 2015

Make Money With G2A Goldmine

what is g2a and g2a goldmine?

  1. G2A is a site that sells cheap video games keys. It is one of the leading games and software selling platforms. It has enormous weekend sales with hit games like: Far cry 4, AC:Unity, Battlefield Hardline and others often on -60%, -70% sales. You can check the site here: (it will open in new window)
  2. It is also not scam, as I have ordered over 10 games here with no problems and spared at least 150$ with it.
  3. But what I wanted to talk about is G2A Goldmine program!
  4. Basically it is an innovative referral program where you can earn money. You invite friends , and when they buy something you get money usually between 1$ and 5$. Goldmine is 2 levels deep, meaning that when your friends who you referred invite their friends, you will also get money from their purchases! Imagine if you invite only 15 friends, and each of them invites just 3 more. Thats already 60 people that you referred! Ofcourse getting referrals might not be easy, but that’s why I’m here with my methods to help you!
  5. Also before we start I want to show you how it looks when you start earning money. Note: this isn’t my picture, I made 40$ for now in under 2 weeks. And dont worry about payouts, I recieved mine in under 2 days with Paypal, so it’s 100% safe.G2A Goldmine Money
  6. Lets get started!

  7. 1. You need to register :
  8. 2. Make your reflink – after registering log in on G2A Goldmine (if you’re on G2A site, look at the top for Goldmine button). Go to Goldmine> Tools > Add more . Now name your reflink, I suggest something like /cheapgames or /videogamekeys so viewers will know what it’s about. Under URL adress paste G2A site, or if you want to advertise specific game paste that game’s URL.How to make reflink
  9. 3. Choose a method and start earning! You can also try all methods and see which one works best for you

  10. best methods for making money on g2a

  11. 1. method – tell your friends

  12. Best way to start is to tell friends who like to play and buy games about G2A. Send them your reflink and show them how cheaper games are. You can also explain them how they can earn with goldmine. At least they will be thankful to you for money they will spare by buying there. Encourage your friends to share the same with their friends.
  13. 2. method – facebook groups and forums

  14. This one I like the most. Just join in a lot of groups that have something with gaming (aim for 5k+ group members). When they accept you post something like: ”Check out this site with cheapest gaming keys around: -link-” But see if it isnt against group’s rules or you might get banned from group. Thats why I advise you to make fake account and post in as much groups as you can. This should net you at least 15$ on every wave of posts. It’s also good idea to advertise specific game. For this just change your reflink and put URL of the game then target groups that are about that game.
  15. For forums its the same thing. Find game-related forums , register and post about G2A prices or you can also explain them how to earn with goldmine. Note: You can try posting in money-making forums about G2A Goldmine system! They will surely be interested.
  17. It can earn you tons of 2nd tier referrals if you find right person! If you know some streamer or youtuber (even better if you are one of them already) with big fanbase, try to persuade them to use G2A Goldmine so they can earn money. Convince them how easy they can make referrals with such fanbase, and let them register through your reflink. If you are succesful. just relax and let that 2nd tier comission kick in :)
  18. other methods:
  19. you can advertise on online games, buy paid-ads on advertising sites, post reflink on youtube comments, post reflinks on stream textboxes, talk about it in school/work, but G2A banner in your signature on forums, etc.
  20. If you still didnt register do it now! Don’t be lazy, and make some cash from your gaming hobby!
  21. click here or on banner below :