Monday, March 7, 2016

Congratulations on 8-th of March! Gifts for participants

Dear Ladies,
We are glad to congratulate you on the main spring holiday - International Women's Day!

Your love, kindness, care and patience every day inspire us, men, to heroism and give us reliable support in difficult times!

Thanks to your quick-wittedness and special woman's intuition, you have no peers in the professional sphere. You illuminate our days with sincere smiles when being self-sacrificing guardians of the family hearth!

Congratulations to you, our dear and beloved Women! We thank you with all our hearts for being an important part of our life and filling it with sense. Let all you dreams and plans come true!

We wish you great success in your work, love and happiness!

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In honour of a wonderful holiday, 8-th of March, we give all ‪Whole World‬ participants having the status of VOLUNTEER and BUSINESS a $20 bonus!

To get this gift all you simply need to log into your account from 5-th till 9-th of March.
Use the received bonus within 5 days from the date of its activation